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Non judgemental
feel very comfortable with Sean who is both realistic, compassionate and sees you as a person, not as your weight or fitness level.
I've been to many trainers, gyms etc and loathe the "everything will be awesome once you are skinny and ripped. now! eat kale and only kale!" philosophy
I'm around a size 16-18 and fluctuate between 14-22 at any given moment. But after years of hating my body I've changed my mindset from 'need a BMI under 25 and run 5kms without breaking a sweat' to 'I just want to be healthy and fit enough to enjoy my body and confident enough with it to give anything a go.'
I really enjoy being active and it has been hard to find a trainer who can get on board with the not-focusing-on-my-fatness /#fitnessnotfatness goals without sneakily trying to slip it in! Sean totally gets it in an authentic way, not just lip service. He is realistic and very entertaining, not a bully and just the right amount of assertiveness for motivation without destroying your soul. He sees the long game, and for this I am incredibly grateful to have found him!
Thank you RightBalance PT! legend!





Sean is a great trainer, pushes you to your limits without the shouting! Makes you feel comfortable no matter the size and capabilities! Not many things I get out of bed early for but this one takes the grade!





Right Balance is an amazing place to train, whether your after one on one pt or small group sessions tailored to you. Sean has enabled me to get back to my pre baby weight with great attention to technique and form! I would definitely recommend anyone to come along to Right Balance Personal Training and join the friendly clients get their sweat on 😉





What is the best thing I have done in the past 4 weeks? Easy - that would be picking up the phone and calling Sean. Yep, the best thing I’ve done - until tonight! Tonight was weigh in and measure night. Ask me now what the best thing is - well that would be the results I got tonight after just 4 weeks. Sean has encouraged me to succeed where I’ve failed before. I’ll be honest - my body wondered what hit it and I could have easily walked away - but that was hard to do when you have a trainer who encourages and supports and actually makes you feel good about yourself and gets excited for you even at the little success you have. I can’t wait to see what the next 4 weeks bring. I am a 56yr old woman who has done little to none exercise for a couple of years. If you are ready to make that phone call - call Sean - you won’t regret it.
Thank you Sean - you can see what you have done for me physically- but what you have done for me mentally is beyond words.



Team Leader


Where to start . . .
For someone who has never been motivated enough to exercise - I cannot recommend Right Balance PT enough. Sean makes any goal you may have achievable and a (mostly) fun journey towards reaching it. I have been the ‘blessed’ skinny girl all my life but plagued with resembling a pole. However I can finally say ... I am now definitely seeing curves in all the right places 🍑  !
Thanks Seany!!





When I called Sean I was a bit funny working with a guy as my personal trainer...(as i have had bad experiences in the past.)the first day i met Sean i felt so comfortable... he listens to what you wont to achieve and he truly understands. ..i look so forward to my days working out.. Sean not only helps me lose weight and gain strength but he is also a great laugh and he makes it so much fun. if u feel like u are in a rut and u don't know where to start (like i was) call Sean ... He truly has turned my life around.



Transport and Logistics


Where do in start... I was training for years before starting at Right Balance PT and can honestly say in the 3 months i was started at Right Balance PT i have never seen my body change i asked to be super toned and thats the result i was getting with less work i was previously putting in.
In Feb i fell pregnant and continued to train with Right Balance PT all the way up to 38 weeks and it was the best exercising while pregnant my little girl was born Wednesday very healthy (towards the end of labour i got through my contractions doing push ups on my knees on the bed thats how much exercise can get u through things) not for everyone but this is my experience and can be urs.
Right Balance PT has so much experience and skills that u could benefit from at an affordable cost and not many hours out of ur day.
As soon as i have the all clear i will continue to train with Right Balance PT.



Aged Care


Thank you Sean, I am utterly grateful for all the support and guidance you have given me, especially being i was still experiencing some form of pain from my spinal surgery, and you have given me so much more strength and power that i can't imagine. your passion for your training clearly shows in how dedicated you are in helping people and looking after their every move literally!! your simply the best, better than all the rest... 👏



Business owner


About 12 months ago I noticed my clothes weren't fitting the same as they used to and found I had put on about 4 kg. I know that doesn't sound much but to me it meant the difference about how I felt about myself. I started training with Sean and trying to eat a bit better and the difference was amazing. I've now lost those extra kilos and I'm feeling so much better. I love my training sessions as Sean pushes me to do more than I thought I ever could while making it really enjoyable. I would recommend him to anyone.

Mel R.jpg


Business owner


Sean is great. After years of different bootcamps and gyms and thinking I was doing the right technique, he corrected my posture, has changed my perception of PTs and helped strengthen the right areas and lose weight. Thank you!

Kylie H.jpg


Business owner


I have just completed my first month of training with Sean and I am absolutely blown away by my results so far! I honestly didn't think I'd see results like this so quickly. Sean is so knowledgeable with what he does and is also understanding and motivating when you think you can't go on! Great set up too, no session is ever the same!




WOW!!! To begin with I was nervous as hell to go here as I've only trained on my own or with my friends.. I've been here now a whole 2 sessions and feel so comfortable Sean is amazing!
The girls I'm with are also just lovely... the friendliest place to go and train and in a good way get pushed to your body's limit...
Sean is funny professional and really just makes you feel comfortable... Definitely recommend Right Balance PT 😁😁

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