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1 on 1 Personal Training

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Working out with a Personal Trainer 1 on 1 has so many benefits 
Learn more from a dedicated Trainer who's focus is you, not random YouTube clips.

Perfect your form:
With a Trainer's attention 100% on you, rest assured that your form will continuously improve while 
extremely reducing the risk of injury and improving your results.

Custom workouts:
With 1 on 1 PT you get a personal tailored experience just for you.
No generic class workouts.

Set and achieve you goals faster:
More motivation and accountability means more results.


Meet The Trainer

Hey, there 👋 I’m Sean Turnbull! I’m the Personal Trainer - Head Coach from Right Balance PT. I have a wonderful family and a passion for fitness. I've been working with women committed to improving their health, increasing their energy levels and nurturing themselves for over 12 years.

Some Of Our Clients

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