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I’m Sean! I’m a Women's fitness coach, Father and Partner. I work with women of all ages committed to improving their health and creating positive lifestyle changes for themselves.

I help busy women (just like you) find their 'right balance' — be it losing a stubborn muffin top, regaining energy to keep up with your kids, or building strength, I’ve got your back!

All I ask is that you’re ready to commit to a happier, healthier lifestyle. Trust me, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Join us, either in our fun and supportive face to face private group sessions, or our online community. Our online platform is customisable and supports you no matter what stage of your journey you are on. Most importantly, I want you to challenge yourself mentally and physically, and enjoy the experience of it!


My Story

I've always loved helping people and I was naturally gifted at physical activity. So after years of trying my hand at every job under the sun, I finally realised that I could so something that I loved (physical exercise) and help people too!

About a year into training people at the gym, I noticed that most of the people I was training were women. Most of them being parents or wanting to be parents.

I really enjoyed training women and getting the hold cute little ones all the time was an awesome bonus! So I decided to specialise! 

I Know what you're thinking "a male specialising in pregnant women or new mums? How can he possibly know what women go through?"

The answer? 14 years of experience and training, hundreds of mothers and mothers to be helped, also being extremely involved in my wife's journey through pregnancy and motherhood.

My approach to training is coming from a point of understanding that parents are extremely busy and spending time on yourselves can feel like a luxury! But it is 100% necessary for us all the have some "me time" to work on ourselves and to maintain some sanity!

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