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You want more energy.

You'd like a healthy lifestyle that fits with your family commitments and activities.

You would absolutely love it if you lost that muffin top or baby weight that has been hanging around!

There's only one problem.

To achieve those things, you need to have a simple, easy to implement lifestyle programme.

And typically, that means an easy to follow challenge that fits in with your family.

But you're a person not a personal trainer.

You don't know where to find the best tips for your healthy routine while keeping up with your kids' busy activities and needs.

As a result, you find yourself snacking on high-calorie low-nutrition foods as you rush around and skipping your exercise, meaning the extra kilos just continue to hang around.

Until now, that only left you with a few options:

1.Hire a full-time chef or nanny so you can free up some time for you, even though they charge $100+/hour,


2.Accept that this is as good as things are going to get, or


3. Learn how to manage a busy family life and what are the easiest healthy choices to make to fit in with that life, 

I went with option 3.

and, for many years,  I've been helping others who are continuously busy to make these adjustments and choices in their lives too.

Woman Squeezing Lemon

The results were phenomenal:

  • Energy levels were improved significantly

  • Eyes were brighter, Skin looked fresher

  • Some of those pesky extra kilos melted away

Spending time with the family is even more enjoyable. Obviously, I was on to something.

That experience taught me that busy mums really need some help to achieve their health goals without breaking the bank.

That's why I created this challenge.

WHY YOU'LL LOVE the 28 day Nutrition Challenge

With the 28 day Nutrition Challenge, you can make the adjustments and healthy choices in a supportive and guided community.

Perhaps more importantly, 28 day Nutrition Challenge will:

  • Help you feel more energised

  • Give you the knowledge to swap out the not-so-great food choices for easy, healthy alternatives

  • Show you how to make simple adjustments that build success upon success toward your health goals

  • Create an easy to follow lifestyle choice that dovetails with your current family activities

  • have you loving your life even more

But don't just take my word for it. Read what our busy clients have to say:

After months of covid lockdowns had me being extremely lazy & eating terribly, I embarked on the 28 day Clean Up Challenge not sure what to expect.

The 28 day challenge was a great way to pull me back into great habits I had been neglecting for so long. A huge thanks to Right Balance PT for getting me out of my slump & shifting my focus to positive habits. The daily emails & Facebook support group meant I could clarify any questions & interact with others doing the challenge also. This was a great way to stay on track & feel supported. If you want to embrace a better you, give this a go - I absolutely loved it

--Kathleen H - Melbourne

I'm feeling so much less bloated and I'm reaching for water instead of soft drink. I'm full of energy and can't thank Right Balance PT enough!

--Rebecca S - Melbourne

I've had a great time changing some of my bad habits.
There are certainly some I won't miss. Learning to swap out foods was great and the group was very supportive.

--Rebecca O - Melbourne

As you can see, our busy mums are thrilled with the way the 28-day Nutrition Challenge opened new and simple ways for them to work toward their health goals.

All the more reason you should take advantage of our...

28 day challenge fb cover.png

Special Offer

If you had to pay a full time chef for 4 weeks to design your healthy options so you can fit them around your family and lifestyle, you could expect to spend more than $2,000.

I'm making 28 day Nutrition Challenge available for a tiny fraction of that.

It usually costs just $79 - but for now it is just $59 - one time - for access to the next 28 day challenge, starting soon —about what you'd spend to have a professional chef show you only one healthy alternative - with no ongoing support.

Take the 28 day Nutrition Challenge NOW

WITH the 28 day Nutrition Challenge, YOU'LL GET:

  • A week by week challenge that builds success upon success

  • A proven strategy toward an easy to maintain healthy, energised lifestyle

  • Online support group with others who are busy and want a simple solution to improve their health and energy levels

  • Email and online support & guidance directly from me

  • Specific help to overcome challenges when they arise

  • Strategies to avoid challenging situations, as well as how to handle them if you can't avoid them

        Imagine what it would be like to...

  • have an abundance of energy and erase that feeling of ongoing exhaustion

  • look in the mirror and see the brightness in your eyes and skin

  • nudge those extra unwanted kilos away and still maintain your current lifestyle

  • Wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead

  • Know what the very best health choices for you are

You can have all of these things with my 28 day Nutrition Challenge.

Plus, if you act today, I'll also include 2 of my fantastic PDF guides - 10 ways to permanently lose weight and 8 ways to boost your metabolism so you can make a start, even before the first day of the challenge..

veggy platter.jpg


You can continue to do the same thing you've been doing—grabbing those unhealthy snacks and suffering the extra kilos and lack of energy.

Or you can take advantage of the 28 day Nutrition Challenge - starting soon - and reap the rewards.

If you're ready to have an abundance of energy so you can embrace every day with excitement, click the button below.

Take the 28 day Nutrition Challenge NOW

But don't wait!

Starting soon - and it's currently only $59 instead of $79 - saving you $20, so sign up today to lock in this special pricing.

Thanks for deciding to take the 28 day Nutrition Challenge.

I know you won't regret it.


Sean Turnbull

Head Coach

PS I'm so confident you're going to love 28 day Nutrition Challenge that I'm offering a prize for those who achieve the Challenge CheckPoints - because I know you will want to achieve everything possible.  

Take the 28 day Nutrition Challenge NOW

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